Chunri is a story inspired by the intrigue, darkness and desolation of prostitution, brothels and red light districts. It's dedicated to girls and women who were pushed into prostitution as a result of human trafficking, paid pregnancies, financial obligations and sex slavery.

Chunri's birth wasn't a result of two people celebrating love and conceiving their child together. It was simply to serve a utilitarian purpose. A woman was paid to deliver a baby who would be trained from day one to be the seductive dancer, the beautiful and sensual escort. But her quiet and demure demeanor didn't mean her training was going as planned… she became not only the the perfect dancer but also the perfect fighter. She had a burning desire to bring justice to the horrors she and her friends face every night. Though Chunri fought, she lacked direction and a sense of self.

Chunri isn't just the story of a prostitute. It's the story of us. We face battles everyday - with the world and within ourselves. We struggle, fight, fall and survive. There is a hero in all of us; we just need to uncover it.